BSc Human Kinetics and Ergonomics (Rhodes University), Personal Trainer Certification (ETA), CrossFit Level 2 Aerobic Capacity

Head Coach

A little note from Em: Hi, I’m Emma and I’m a CrossFit addict. I wear the gear, I use the slang, and I really love lifting heavy weights and swinging around on the rings. I am passionate about helping people become as infatuated with the sport as I am (clearly…I opened my own box…lol) and becoming healthier in general. CrossFit has played a huge role in who I have become today. A more conscious, energetic, happier and resilient person. All I want is to impart all the knowledge and skills that I have learned over the years onto as many people as possible. My favorite movement is anything gymnasty (rings, pull ups, handstands, you name it!) and my worst is the thruster. If you like thrusters, you are not welcome in my box because you must be psychotic (just kidding, we love you anyway).


CrossFit level 1 Personal Training certification (in process)

Second in command, Coach

A little note from Wendy: Hello, I am Wendy (Emma’s Mom – yes, I know I look like her sister, but don’t tell her that – LOL). I have been into fitness since Emma was born. I have dabbled in bodybuilding and cycling (6 Argus’s done and dusted!) and took up CrossFit and left the conventional gym world in 2016 when Em forced me into it. CrossFit not only changed me physically, but psychologically too. When I first started CrossFit I realized how weak I was mentally. I wasn’t able to dig deep during WODs or fight through a heavy squat. Now, after embracing the challenges that CrossFit imposes on your body and mind, I am so much stronger mentally and physically and that has transferred into the rest of my life. THIS is what I want to help people achieve. Mental and emotional resilience.


BSc Human Physiology and Biochemistry,
CrossFit Level 1


A little note from Kyle: I started CrossFit in 2016 to lose some weight and to become fitter. After seeing and feeling the results, I realized I had become passionate about moving well and pushing myself to be as physically fit as possible. This, along with the wonderful community I was now apart of lead me, very naturally, to coaching. Helping someone to learn a new skill, or improve a skill they already have, brings me great joy. Encouraging them to push beyond their limits fulfill me. I believe people are infinitely capable and that we seldom get the chance to push our boundaries. That is where CrossFit comes in.