BSc Human Kinetics and Ergonomics (Rhodes University), Personal Trainer Certification (ETA), CrossFit Level 2, Aerobic Capacity, Precision Nutrition level 1

Owner, head coach, nutrition coach at The Method Now

A little about Em: Hi, I’m Emma and I’m a CrossFit addict. I wear the gear, I use the slang, and I really love lifting heavy weights and swinging around on the rings. I am passionate about helping people become as infatuated with the sport as I am (clearly…I opened my own box…lol) and becoming healthier in general. CrossFit has played a huge role in who I have become today. A more conscious, energetic, happier and resilient person. All I want is to impart all the knowledge and skills that I have learned over the years onto as many people as possible. My favorite movement is anything gymnasty (rings, pull ups, handstands, you name it!) and my worst is the thruster. If you like thrusters, you are not welcome in my box because you must be psychotic (just kidding, we love you anyway).


CrossFit Level 1, Exercise Specialist (ETA)

Coach and Personal Trainer

A Little about Schalk: Hi, my name is Schalk. I have been personal training and coaching group classes for almost three years. I have been actively training in CrossFit for almost two years now and am officially addicted. I have recently moved to Ballito from Cape Town to continue my career in the fitness industry. My favourite movements include squat cleans, rowing, pull-ups, and resting (LOL). My least favourite movements are wall walks, thrusters and overhead squats (I think everyone can agree with those).