Incredible coaches and environment! I love being at Ballito Crossfit and working with Emma! She has become a good friend aswell as a great coach! Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get or stay fit and strong, and have an awesome time in the process!

 – Karla Brink. Ballito

I have been training with Emma for just over a year and have really enjoyed our sessions together. I decided to train with Coach Em because, at the time, I needed help with my gymnastics and just general confidence in my CrossFit abilities. When I started training with Em I couldn’t do a box jump, kick up into a handstand nor do a handstand push up. I also struggled with mental blocks. Three months into training with Em, I found myself doing box jumps and strict handstand push-ups. Something I never thought I would achieve. Emma has a lot of patience with me yet will challenge me when she knows I am capable of more. Although at times I still do have mental blocks, my general confidence in my abilities has improved. This has filtered into my personal and professional life as well. I am now able to challenge those negative self-statements/ thoughts and to reflect on why I am having them. It has also been nice to train with a female coach. She listens and understands what I need as a person as well as a female. In today’s society, many females have a skewed idea of what a healthy/ideal body type is. The media, in particular, has increasingly become a platform that reinforces cultural beliefs and projects strong views on how we should look, that we as individuals often unknowingly or knowingly validate and perpetuate (Live, life, get active, 2016). I know I have been influenced by societal “norms”. What often came to my mind was skinny is healthy and beautiful. I also thought I should eat no more than 1200 calories a day, not considering how much exercise I do. Emma challenged my perceptions of what healthy and beautiful is. I have learnt to nourish my body and to be more mindful of how I am feeling. On days where I exercise more I make a conscious effort to eat more. Now, strong is beautiful in my mind. Emma has many qualifications including a Degree and has done a number of CrossFit certificates. She has a good depth of knowledge and often shares with me what she has read. It is nice to know that you being trained by someone who knows what they talking about! In relation to Em coaching style, she is pretty “hard-core” when coaching both males and females. Many members of my box that I train at, have a lot of respect for her. I am also pretty sure she can lift heavier than most of our male members! Emma makes classes and personal training session’s fun. You can have a good laugh with her, but I respect that she has her boundaries and takes a no nonsense approach. Emma has become a good friend of mine. I have a lot of respect for her and so grateful for all of her help. I will continue to train with her and hopefully achieve more of my goals that I never thought I would have achieved.

 – Candi Leith

I really enjoy Emma’s style of coaching. She really makes learning a new skill enjoyable. I found her class fun for all levels of fitness. She is not just a rad person she is a rad coach.

 – Roland